Download the 2018 scholarship application here

Last year Lincoln Gold was able to give a $2,000 to 20 outstanding students throughout Lincoln.

  • Brett Burchett
    Brett Burchett
  • Jennie Hammel
    Jennie Hammel
  • Madison Koehler
    Madison Koehler
  • Maggie Ferguson
    Maggie Ferguson
  • Amber LeGrade
    Amber LeGrade
  • Evan Olander
    Evan Olander
  • Alyssa Bennet
    Alyssa Bennet
  • Nicole Allington
    Nicole Allington
  • Tyler Hoham
    Tyler Hoham
  • Brittany Sullivan
    Brittany Sullivan
  • Corina Marsh
    Corina Marsh
  • Clare Morehouse
    Clare Morehouse
  • Jasmine Scott
    Jasmine Scott
  • Ashlynn Evans
    Ashlynn Evans
  • Thomas Monroe
    Thomas Monroe
  • Makenna Widholm
    Makenna Widholm
  • Mohammad Majid
    Mohammad Majid
  • Mia Sharpnack
    Mia Sharpnack
  • Lily Craig
    Lily Craig
  • Allison McElroy
    Allison McElroy
  • Cassandra Shambaugh-Miller
    Cassandra Shambaugh-Miller
  • Curry Zalman
    Curry Zalman
  • Cole Meyer
    Cole Meyer
  • Lydia Asplin
    Lydia Asplin
  • Konpal Rafique
    Konpal Rafique