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Last year Lincoln Gold was able to give a $2,000 to 20 outstanding students throughout Lincoln.

  • Trevor Dockum
    Trevor Dockum
  • Samantha Leyden
    Samantha Leyden
  • Haley Wineman
    Haley Wineman
  • Reagan Scott
    Reagan Scott
  • Sander Sieglaff
    Sander Sieglaff
  • Madison Woodward
    Madison Woodward
  • Jessica Brennan
    Jessica Brennan
  • Max McCoy
    Max McCoy
  • Katelyn Erdkamp
    Katelyn Erdkamp
  • Braly Keller
    Braly Keller
  • Andrew Goldsmith
    Andrew Goldsmith
  • Rachel Kohrell
    Rachel Kohrell
  • Ryan Salvatori
    Ryan Salvatori
  • Jacob Piccini
    Jacob Piccini
  • Casey Debusk
    Casey Debusk
  • Paige Stienbauer
    Paige Stienbauer
  • Emily Pick
    Emily Pick
  • Jared Jesske
    Jared Jesske
  • Mickey Tran
    Mickey Tran

Not Pictured:

Lincoln Northeast: Jessica Brennan, Madison Woodward